Avoid DJ Disaster

Avoid DJ Disaster

People ask us all the time why they should hire us instead of a less expensive neighborhood or family DJ. It is important to remember that a wedding or formal event is very different from a backyard BBQ or even your favorite night club. Your wedding or event DJ must play good music, but there are numerous other services he must provide to ensure a successful event. Many of these things you might not ever even find out about until it is all over. A true professional will go above and beyond to “Make it happen” for the client regardless of the situation.

Be sure to download our free e-book on 11 Things You Must Ask to Avoid DJ Disaster for a list of things to ask before booking a DJ.  The last thing you want is a bad DJ.  This could ruin your event!  Here are some examples of people who were not so lucky….


                                                                           Check this one out. Imagine this at your wedding….

                                                                          One more to round things out…


At Finer Touch Entertainment, we provide the very best in professional entertainment.  Music and entertainment with a touch of class is what we are about.  This is not a service that you want to purchase based on a “bargain”.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is…..

We would love to talk to you about our next event.  Click here to schedule and appointment.

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