Doing a Beach Wedding Right

Doing a Beach Wedding Right

When you think beach wedding, what comes to mind? An elopement, perhaps–with a barefoot couple, saying their “I do’s” in front of a couple  guests. Well, a wedding shore-side can be more than that. And in the spirit of summer, here are some tips to make your destination wedding sophisticated and elegant:

Erect a tent: Tents not only cover you from unexpected weather, they are an important foundation for the decor.

Don’t shy away from a dance floor: Though it is nice to have your toes in the sand when exchanging your nuptials, constructing a dance floor can help guests to party the night away.

Add some creative lighting: paper lanterns, twinkle lights,  uplighting, and kinetic furniture are just some ways to add magic to your decor.

Don’t forget the music: Live music, entertainers or DJ entertainment will take your beach wedding to the next level!

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