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Those Kardashians Sure Know How to Throw a Party!

Kicking your sweet 16 off Kardashian style is not so difficult -- especially if you have the right tools! Kylie Jenner recently celebrated the big 16 with family, friends and a celebrities. The up-and-coming It-girl showed us how to make a fashionable entrance with her entourage, who were all sporting matching onsies. They keep the party going with a live performance by Drake and sent each party-goer home with a bevy of fabulous gifts. So what can we learn from little miss Jenner on how to throw a sweet 16? 1.Don't be afraid to be fashionable: Whether it's the latest trend or your own personal style, you and your friends should step in the venue, absolutely fabulous! 2. Live entertainment can make a party phenomenal: If a BillBoard Top 10 musician is out of your budget, a good DJ or live musician can get your party "turnt up." 3. Send your guest home with a...

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