Our Story


Our Story

From the time I was very young, music was a huge part of my life. I listened to the radio and played records in my room for hours, dreaming about one day becoming a radio DJ. As I grew older, I practiced for hours waiting for the opportunity to DJ for people at a “Real” event.  Then one day I was introduced to a very successful mobile DJ that showed me how to turn my passion not just into a reality, but also into my business. 


Now after years of hard work and steady growth, I have built an organization of over 10 entertainers of various age ranges and music specialties.  A group of some of the best DJs, MCs, and entertainers that love what they do and look forward to providing an amazing experience at each and every event.  


We are blessed to be able to do what we do because we love it so much!  Helping to create memories our clients will never forget is what drives us each and every day.  Music is life, it is passion, it evokes memories and emotions.  It is our way to leave our mark on the world and  have an amazing time doing it.

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