Sweet 16

Let There Be Light!

[flagallery gid=9] The holidays are the time for a little bling--and nothing makes an event sparkle like the right lighting!  But don't worry, you can bring some for that magical flair to your event even though the holidays have come and gone. Lightscaping can help transform the color and charm of an empty catering hall, while custom monogramming can make a space magical. And monogramming isn't just for showcasing your initials across the dance floor. A similar technique can be used to create a snowy scene, romantic forest or a winter wonderland with the right color and shapes. This is an example of textured lighting.  And in the spirit of giving, we decided to showcase some of the best photos of event lighting  across the web. Get inspired and give us a call--because yeah, we do lighting too!...

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Those Kardashians Sure Know How to Throw a Party!

Kicking your sweet 16 off Kardashian style is not so difficult -- especially if you have the right tools! Kylie Jenner recently celebrated the big 16 with family, friends and a celebrities. The up-and-coming It-girl showed us how to make a fashionable entrance with her entourage, who were all sporting matching onsies. They keep the party going with a live performance by Drake and sent each party-goer home with a bevy of fabulous gifts. So what can we learn from little miss Jenner on how to throw a sweet 16? 1.Don't be afraid to be fashionable: Whether it's the latest trend or your own personal style, you and your friends should step in the venue, absolutely fabulous! 2. Live entertainment can make a party phenomenal: If a BillBoard Top 10 musician is out of your budget, a good DJ or live musician can get your party "turnt up." 3. Send your guest home with a...

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Justin Timberlake Inspires our Fantasy Prom

With prom season around the corner, we thought we would give you some inspiration on how to make the night fabulous! Retro glamour is the "go-to" party theme--even Justin Timberlake channeled vintage Hollywood  with the release of his latest album. In Timberlake's recent SNL visit, the "Suit an Tie" singer paid homage to 1940s crooners with stylized decor, golden up lighting and a shimmering back drop. If you want to add some extra glitz to your affair, we suggest custom monogram lighting or kinetic lounge furniture.  Check out our prom and sweet 16 services and see how we can give your special event a Hollywood upgrade. [caption id="attachment_493" align="aligncenter" width="576"] courtesy of NBC[/caption]...

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