Your Event=The Party of the Year (How to)

Your Event=The Party of the Year (How to)

So you are ready to plan an event. How can you make it the party of the year; the party that everyone cannot stop talking about? Check out our list below for tips on how to make your event the best:

1) Get a Master of Ceremony. The Master of ceremony sets the mood and keeps the party flowing. Check out our blog post about the benefits of having and MC

2)Create a hashtag for the event. A hashtag will help you find all of your pictures in one place. Check out our blog about hashtags

3)Give all participants (wedding party, photographer, dj, MC) a copy of the agenda so that they know what to expect.

4)Give everyone something to remember the event by (i.e. personalized wine glasses)

5)Guest entertainment- it is important to keep your guest entertained during the event. Music is a given, but why not change it up by getting a photobooth

6) Practice- make sure you have a rehearsal with your wedding party. This will give them the opportunity to meet each other; you don’t want to seem unorganized the day of your wedding.

7)Make sure your wedding vendors and entertainment team are reliable. Check out our 11 things that you should keep in mind when hiring a DJ, you can also keep some of these things in mind when hiring other vendors.




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