Creative Lighting Makes Every Event Memorable

At FTE, we offer the very best in event lighting solutions. We can provide intelligent lighting to bring extreme energy and excitement to a dance floor or we can provide textured lighting or up lighting to create a mood of feeling in the room. Any combination of these items is guaranteed to transform your space. Imagine your guest walking into what was previously an ordinary event space and experience the warmth and elegance up lighting or lightscaping can create. Then, once the party begins, our intelligent lighting with the help of our dynamic entertainers will immerse your guests into an experience that is unlike any other.

Standard lighting

All of our more basic party packages include standard lighting. These are very basic lighting effects that add a bit of color and movement to the dance floor. This light solution is recommend for smaller affairs where lighting is not of great importance to you.

Lightscaping (Room Up Lighting)

In recent years with the advancement in LED technology, lightscaping or up lighting, has become a staple at most private events. FTE offers the very best in wireless LED technology as part of many of our event décor and lightscaping packages. We can easily transform your room to exude your personal style as well as create an atmosphere of romance, fun, and sophistication all in one. And at the end of the day, it just looks so cool too!

Intelligent lighting

Our state of the art intelligent lighting is truly spectacular. All computer controlled, our event staff will utilize the lighting in the room to create the right level of energy at just the right time. Fast moving, pulsating lighting for those times when you want to feel like you are in a nightclub as well as slow moving fades and washes of color and design for those moments when you a romantic feel is appropriate. The beauty of intelligent lighting is that it can be utilized to fit any desired mood in a room at a given time. It is also the most impactful add on available with any DJ entertainment package.

Custom Monogramming

Have you names, monogram, or company logo projected onto the dance floor with light! This is great way to personalize your event and put your stamp on the day! Many clients use the same monogram or design that was used on their invitation or at their ceremony. Your guest will see this same monogram projected onto the dance floor as they enter the room. Personalize your reception with this great lighting option.

Textured lighting

Dare to be different at your event. While intelligent lighting and lightscaping are popular options for private events, one sort of lighting is often forgotten. Seen in photos and video of some of the most opulent events, textured lighting can be used to wash a room or particular area will a very understated, yet impressive texture of light that will only further enhance the elegance of the overall room décor. Be one of the few people that employ this style of lighting design for their events. People will talk about it long after the event is complete.

Stage and performance lighting

FTE can also provide lighting for live shows, corporate seminars and kick off meetings. Regardless of your lighting needs, we can provide a solution that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

TV Screens & Large Screen Video

TV Screens, Video Walls, and Large Screen Video Rentals

With the help of the best in digital audio and video technology, Finer Touch Entertainment will take your event to the next level of interactivity with the help of our large screen video and plasma screen packages.

  • Zap Shot Photography -Broadcast images directly to the screen

  • Video Simulcast of the dance floor – See the action broadcast live onto the screen

  • Music videos – The DJ/VJ will incorporate real music videos into the live mix

  • Social Media Messaging – Use cell phones to interact with others via the big screen

  • Large screen video gaming

  • Movie screenings

  • Corporate videos and presentations

  • Many more services…