Today’s Trends: Customizing The Wedding Entrance

Today’s Trends: Customizing The Wedding Entrance

One of the biggest trends that is happening for helping to make your wedding special is customizing the wedding entrance. One of the most notable examples for having a special wedding entrance happened a few years ago (view the video below) and since then more and more couples are choosing to  move away from the traditional entrance and moving toward grand entrances with a more unique twist . If you are interested in customizing your wedding entrance to fit your personality, there are many different directions that you can go in.

One way, like the video shown, is to have a dance choreographed for you and your attendants to go down the aisle to.  You don’t have to have a dance that is 100%, but strive for one that everyone will have fun with and that is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

If a full on dance, feels a bit much for your wedding or you don’t happen to enjoy dancing, another option is to play a favorite song during your walk down the aisle.  Instead of the traditional “Here Comes The Bride”, choose a song that has a special meaning for your relationship or one that speaks to you as a bride on your special day.  This is also a great opportunity to use the songs you love, but decided not to use for your first dance.

Other specialized entrances that we have seen include people using sparklers and another couples even did shots with their bridal party on the center of the dance floor as they came in to the reception.  As you can see, there are no limits to  the way you can specialize your wedding entrance.

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