The Wedding Song

The Wedding Song

We are all familiar with the traditional wedding march song. We have all seen the movies of weddings, where the bride walks down the aisle and the familiar tune is cued.

Some women started marching to it at a young age. They would wear their prettiest dress and find something, whether toilet paper or a white blanket, and put it on their head as a vail. They’d press play of a recording or start saying “don don da don,” as they held flowers and began walking down the “aisle.”

The wedding march song has been with us since childhood, but today very few people are sticking with the traditional wedding march song. Many women say that they want to walk down to something that is meaningful to them and their future husband. They want the words to represent their love.

One of the most played wedding march songs this past summer was “All of me,” by John Legend. What ever song the bride chooses to walk down to, it is meaningful; whether it is the the song that she envisioned her whole life or the song that she heard on the radio and said, “this is our song.”

Check out this video of the bride singing while walking down the aisle. If you need help choosing a song to walk down to at your wedding, the Finer Touch Entertainment team would be more than happy to help you out!


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