The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress

One of the most important pre planning object of a wedding is the wedding dress. Every bride wants to look amazing on their wedding day. There are so many dresses; how could you choose? You have to do your research. Don’t worry we will help you out!

#1 Know your body type and learn what type of dress is going to flatter you best. Check out this article about wedding dresses and body types.

#2 Look at dresses, keeping in mind the thought above. By looking at dresses you will get a sense of what is out there and what price ranges look like.
-Places to look- bridal shows, the internet, bridal catalogues, bridal
stores, etc.

#3 Go try on dresses with someone that you trust to be honest with you about what is working and what is not working. Make sure you share your research with them before hand. By going into the store and trying on dresses, you can actually see what you like on your body. The first two steps are important so do not forget about them; they help you narrow down your selection so that you are not trying on hundreds of dresses.

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