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Booking Wedding Vendors During the Holidays

Why is booking your Vendors during the holiday season is a must for your wedding planning? Did you know that there is such a thing as “engagement season”?  Each year, many couples take their relationships to the next level by getting engaged between Thanksgiving Day and Valentine’s Day.  It truly is the most wonderful time of year.  In addition to the joy of having a wedding celebration to look forward to, you have the twinkle and sparkle of the holidays to make everything seem shiny, bright, and new.  It is easy to just bask in the glow of being newly betrothed, but do notmove too slowly.  If you have a set of wedding vendors that you have been eyeing and plan on getting married in the upcoming year, booking as soon as you can is vital.  Here are three reasons why: Engagement season exists because a lot of people are getting engaged around...

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