Latest Trends: Wedding Music

Latest Trends: Wedding Music

Over the years, music has become one of the integral parts of a wedding and wedding reception. As a result of this, there have been certain wedding trends in music that have been appearing lately.

One such wedding music trend that is happening is that couples are steering away from the traditional song to walk down the aisle and are starting to embrace current songs for that moment. Instead of the expected “Wedding March” couples are choosing mainstream songs such as the Beatles “All You Need Is Love”.

Other trends that are affecting wedding music is by mixing up what is played on the dance floor. Many couples are requesting that newer songs are mixed in with older ones. This helps to get the different generations attending to show their moves on the dance floor. Because, let’s face it, every generation has that song that no one can help but dance to.

If you are looking to follow these trends, make sure you talk about all your options with the person you choose to be in control of the music. If you hire a DJ or band, make sure you let them know exactly what music you want or don’t want played.

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