It’s a Family Affair

It’s a Family Affair

family affair


It’s nice to get the family together during summer or winter break, as the kids are out of school and vacation time is more possible.  And though a good ole fashion barbecue is a fantastic way to bring the folks together, here are some new spins on the classic tradition:

Garden Party:  If you want an elegant sit down affair, why not host a garden party. Try getting the event catered, as it makes you more free to catch up with your guests. Think of outside lighting, which can set the mood well into the night. And, hire DJ entertainment to handle all of your music needs.

Destination Vacation: Want to combine your vacation and family reunion? Why not pick a travel destination and have your relatives visit you there. Theme park and beach vacations can be great for the summer, while ski resorts are perfect for the holidays.

Out on the Water: Another elegant reunion option is to take your party sea or lake bound by renting a boat for the evening. Many boat rental companies offer catering services and options for your entertainment needs.



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