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Whether you are planning a Thanksgiving wedding, class reunion, birthday celebration or other occasion, we are offering the following suggestions to make the occasion festive:  don’t toss those small pumpkins and decorative corn stalks.  They can be used for centerpieces.  Instead of giving party favors of mints and traditional candies, use the Indian corn candies found this time of season.  Instead of giving traditional corsages, why not use the extra-large mums that most use for home coming celebrations.  Instead of the traditional white, yellow or chocolate cake, why not have pumpkin cupcakes, with or without raisins and nuts, with cream cheese frosting.  Perhaps the frosting can be the colors of your decorations or Fall colors or traditional white.  If you put the cupcakes in a framework that celebrates your occasion, it will draw your party goers to oooo and ahhh with smiles.  Of course, choosing your music to reflect what you prefer will set the ambiance of the occasion as much as the decorations.

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