How To Choose A Song For A First Dance

How To Choose A Song For A First Dance

One of the most looked forward to moments of a wedding for the bride and groom is the traditional First Dance. As its name would imply, this dance is the first one for the reception and is the first time the couple would dance as man and wife. When it comes to choosing a song for the first dance, there are few different options and styles of songs that can be chosen.

For many couples, they choose a song that holds special meaning between themselves and their relationship. This could be a song that is associated with a particularly fond memory, a song that puts words to their emotions, or could just be a song that is a mutual favorite.

Other couples often choose songs that don’t hold any special meaning, but represent the idea of what a first dance son should be. These songs tend to be classic, heartfelt, and possess a slow tempo. Sample songs that fall into this category include “At Last”  by Etta James,  “Can’t Help Falling In Love”  by Elvis Presley, “Close To You” by The Carpenters, and “I Only Have Eyes For You” by The Flamingos.

No matter the method you choose for selecting your first song, it is always important to select one that feels right for your wedding.

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