Thoughts On Choosing A Song For Your Entrance

In last week’s post, we mentioned that one of today’s trends for weddings is having a customized wedding entrance. Expanding on that, today’s post will be focusing on how to choose the right song for your wedding entrance.

The first step to choosing a song, is determining want you want to do for your wedding entrance. Do you want an entrance where the attendants come dancing down the aisle? Would you prefer a more low-key entrance? Once that is decided, you can begin narrowing down what type of song you are looking for.

Today’s Trends: Customizing The Wedding Entrance

One of the biggest trends that is happening for helping to make your wedding special is customizing the wedding entrance. One of the most notable examples for having a special wedding entrance happened a few years ago (view the video below) and since then more and more couples are choosing to  move away from the traditional entrance and moving toward grand entrances with a more unique twist . If you are interested in customizing your wedding entrance to fit your personality, there are many different directions that you can go in.

How To Choose A Song For A First Dance

One of the most looked forward to moments of a wedding for the bride and groom is the traditional First Dance. As its name would imply, this dance is the first one for the reception and is the first time the couple would dance as man and wife. When it comes to choosing a song for the first dance, there are few different options and styles of songs that can be chosen.

3 Tips To Avoid Major Music Mistakes

Out of all the details it takes to plan a wedding and reception, oftentimes it is the music that ends up making your event truly memorable. Not only does the music help to set the tone of the wedding, but it can also help to influence the mood of the wedding. Because of this, there are certain things that you may want to consider when it comes to choosing your wedding playlist.