Free Wedding Photography: the #Kimye way!

Free Wedding Photography: the #Kimye way!

Hot new trend in event photo sharing

Hot new trend in event photo sharing


Most Hollywood weddings take the exclusive route when it comes to releasing their special photos or videos. Kim and Kanye West decided to take a route that is widely accepted among their audiences. The Kimye marriage kiss was first released on Kim’s Instagram. Once released, the photo flooded the internet with thousands of hashtags; one of them being #kimye.

For years brides have been using social media to document their weddings. The use of social media has proven to be very beneficial for sharing images. However, most of the time that includes scrambling through all of your guests Facebooks and Instagrams; which can be very time consuming.

How can you make it easier? Use one single hashtag for the entire event. Although the Kimye wedding had thousands of hashtags, the main one used was #Kimye. Using one hashtag makes it easier to look back at all of the photos taken by your guests on that special day, since they all in one place.

Some things to remember when creating an effective hashtag:

1) Have fun with it! This is the first time that you get to use your last name together. Ex: #MR&MRS.Cloud9

2) Make sure you share the hashtag with your guests. Ask your entertainment team to mention it on the mic. FTE has gladly done this at several events in the past.

3) Even if you have a photographer, use a hashtag. Hashtags pop up immediately, so you can look through the pictures as soon as you’d like. Also, your guests may catch moments that your photographer may not get to catch. Ex: Your best friend and uncle making out! LOL.

Remember this is your big day, don’t be afraid to ask your guests to join in on the fun. After all you want to remember the entire night, right?

By Jeanine Strother – Finer Touch Entertainment

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