3 Ways to Keep Your Guests Dancing All Through The Night

3 Ways to Keep Your Guests Dancing All Through The Night

One of the biggest nightmares every bride faces when planning their wedding reception is the one of their guests not having any fun. To help avoid this nightmare, here are 3 ways you can help smooth things along to keep your guests dancing and having fun.

1. Make sure there is enough space for dancing.

When it comes to the dance floor, there is a fine line you have to walk between making sure there is enough space for all your guests and making sure that there isn’t so much space that your guests feel self-conscious. So, it is important that you give your guests just the right amount of space. To help you know if your dance floor is the right size for your guests, use this rule of thumb: For every 2 guests, there should be about 3 square feet of dance floor.

2. Skip the automated playlist

There is a reason that having a DJ or band is an essential part of the wedding. It’s because they are there to help provide entertainment to your guests, interact with the, and be tuned into the crowd’s mood. Plus, they help to ensure that you don’t have to worry about everyone else having a good time.

3. Start the music early

One of the best ways to get the right mood for your reception is to get the music going during cocktail hour. This will help your guests in a mood to celebrate.

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