June 2015

The Bride is wearing 6 inch heels! How does she do it?

These days heels are getting higher and higher. The models at the Bridal Shows wear 6 inch heels. What about the real brides? Some brides wear 6 inches, others wear 3 inches, but regardless of the inch height how are these brides pulling it off on their entire BIG DAY. It sounds like grooms have a lot of foot rubbing to do during the first night of being married. This still doesn't answer the question of how the brides do it. The truth is that very few brides go the entire day wearing their heels. After the ceremony or even after their first dance, most brides ditch the heels and change to comfortable flats. That sounds like cheating. What about the guests? Some Brides even take the extra curtsy step to have folded flats as party favors for their guests. If you know of any other ways that brides get...

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Have you ever wondered where the tiered wedding cake structure came from?

Have you ever wondered where the tiered wedding cake structure came from? Would you have ever guessed that it came from architecture in London? Well it did. According to London24 the tiered cake oriented in 1703. A baker's apprentice, Thomas Rich, fell in love with his boss's daughter and wanted to surprise her on their wedding day. He decided to create a different kind of cake. Rich was inspired by the steeple of St Bride's Church in London. After Rich's innovative tiered cake, it soon gained popularity and is still used today. The next time that you see a tired cake this wedding season think back to the origins of the cake. It is quite interesting that the traditional tiered wedding cake was inspired by the architecture of a steeple in London.      ...

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