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The Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt- Oh we went there

Your wedding is coming up and its time to go out with the girls. There are plenty of things to do; but make it fun and go on  a scavenger hunt. Check out some ideas below but don’t stay limited to our list. Have fun with it!

1) Have 5 Guys Write Their Philosophy On Marriage On Napkins.

2) Find the oldest guy in the place and ask him for a dance

3) Get the bartender to laugh at something

4) Yell out loud at the count of three “Why Am I Getting Married!”

5) Have a bachelor buy you a shot

6) Kiss a bald man’s head

7) Get a piggy back ride from a stranger

8) Have a man speak to you in a foreign language

9) Get a guys cell phone number and call him right away with deep breathing

10) Go into the bathroom and make a veil out of toilet paper

11) Find a cute guy and ask him to practice walking down the isle with you

12) Dance crazy by yourself on the dance floor

13) Walk and cluck like a chicken down the street

14) Get a guy to let you put makeup on him


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