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Latest Wedding Trends: Uplighting

Last week, we shared one of the latest wedding trends that has been seeing an increase in popularity: Photo Booths. This week, we will focus on a different wedding trend: uplighting.

Adding color to your wedding reception can be a great way to set the mood that you want. Want to have everyone know that it is time to party? Use uplighting to bring a festive, party atmosphere to the dance floor. Depending on the colors you choose, you can help to create a club-like dance atmosphere. Reds and pinks are perfect for achieving this effect.  If you want to help keep the wedding mood low-key, you can use softer colors to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Lighter blues, greens, and even purples can help to achieve this effect.

No matter what color you choose, you can use uplighting to transform the exisiting color of the room. For many brides, uplighting can be used to further enhance the ambiance of the room and is oftened matched to the linen and accent colors.

Uplighting can also be used to draw the eye of your guest to certain focal points of the reception. Is dancing an important activity you want your guests to do. Use festive colors to draw attention to floor.


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